Royal Dansk


True to our Danish tradition of baking excellence, we don't compromise on quality. We use no artificial ingredients, added preservatives, or colors. These carefully crafted Danish delicacies are the perfect balance of buttery and crisp. Just one of many reasons they're the butter cookies you and your family have enjoyed throughout the years.

Danish Butter Cookies

Perfect Buttery Crispness

There are five perfectly buttery, crisp cookies in our classic butter cookie assortment. The Coconut style has a delicate crispy texture that melts in your mouth. The Finnish Style has a dusting of crystallized sugar on top. The Country Style has a pure buttery taste. The Pretzel style and Vanilla Ring, are crowd-pleasers each iconic in their own right. So whether you’re craving the taste of pure butter or looking for a twist, there’s something for everyone.​ Our butter cookies are crafted in Denmark with a baker’s touch. Following our original recipe and taking great care to respect our traditional Danish baking practices, we’re able to achieve the perfect combination of buttery taste and crispness. Uncompromised dedication to detail ensures delightfully simple cookies with a carefully crafted taste and texture. Our commitment to high-quality ingredients allows us to provide our fans with our distinct delicate taste experience.

Our mission is for every Royal Dansk cookie to provide a true moment of Danish hygge in every bite. A moment of cozy comfort. A happy memory of sharing the blue tin with loved ones. An indulgent snack that leaves you satisfied. These are some of the many reasons people warmly call us holiday or Christmas cookies. However, that limits the joy these cookies can bring. While we offer specialty cookies, it doesn’t mean Royal Dansk should only be enjoyed as holiday cookies. We believe you don’t have to save the best for only the biggest moments. This is the hygge way of thinking. Live Simpler. Live Happier. Make the most of any moment and treat yourself to a deliciously Danish cookie from everyone’s favorite blue tin.


Our crispy wafer cookies have a flavorful creme filling and are the perfect accompaniment to a variety of desserts around the world. Many even refer to them as coffee cookies or tea cookies. Whatever you fancy, Royal Dansk’s wafers are just as well enjoyed with a warm beverage, by themselves or as an on-the-go snack.